Kallie Gillstad | Coach

Born and raised in West Seattle, after returning home from Montana with my newly acquired degree in accounting, I was inspired to counter all the fun I had at school (yeah, I’m a FUN accountant) by getting into a fitness routine. My cousin was really into this thing called CrossFit, so I fired up the Google machine and found CrossFit West Seattle in 2011.

After making some great friends through the gym, discovering my untapped competitive nature, and trying out some new styles of training (I spent 7 years swangin’ kettlebells at my old gym), I decided to check out CrossFit Loft for my next challenge. I took my passion for fitnessing with friends to the next level with the opportunity to coach the HIIT program at Loft.

When I’m not cranking the jams and bringing the energy to the HIIT classes, I’m busy snuggling my Pitbull-Great Dane mix Mack, crunching numbers for an airline, dominating rec league kickball and organizing adventurous outings (Don’t forget- I’m a FUN ACCOUNTANT).