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Tuesday, January 7th


Pausing Power Clean Heavy Set of 2

3 Rounds
100 DU
20 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar
10 Power Cleans
R1: 95/65, R2: 135/95, R3: 155/105


1) 10 Min AMRAP
a. 10: (R) Single, (L) Single, Double OH DB Press
b. 10 Bicep Curl Around the World
c. :45-sec Jumping Jack DB Press
d. :15-sec Rest

Rest 2 Minutes
Complete 20 Jump Squats in Rest

2) 10 Min AMRAP
a. 10 Bent Over BB Row
b. 10 BB Thruster
c. :45-sec Burpees Over-the-Bar
d. :15-sec Rest

Rest 2 Minutes
Complete 20 Jump Squats in Rest

3) 10 Min AMRAP
a. 10 KB Skull Crushers
b. 10 KB Supermans
c. :45 sec Plank Jack-to-Frogger
d. :15-sec Rest

Monday, January 6th


Back Squat Build to a heavy set of 10

Overhead Squats (95/65#)
Toes to Bar

Rest 5 Minutes

Thrusters (95/65#)
Chest to Bar Pull-ups


1) 8 min AMRAP
a. 5 Burpees
b. Max Effort Hollow Hold
c. 100M run

1-minute rest

2) 8 min AMRAP
a. 10 Jump lunges
b. Max Effort Tuck-ups
c. 100M Row

1-minute rest

3) 8 min AMRAP
a. 10 Ballistic Box Jumps
b. Max Effort Reverse plank hold
c. 4x Stairs

1-minute rest

4) 8 min AMRAP
a. 5 Tuck Jumps
b. Max KB Russian Twist
c.100M Bike/Row

LOFT January 2020 Newsletter

The New Year is Here! 

Gym Message: 
Happy 2020! Even though January 1st is technically just another Wednesday, we absolutely love the renewed energy, commitment, and focus that comes with the turn of the calendar year. If you would like help or accountability with your goals this year, check in with a coach – and check out examples that other people have posted around the gym! We’re all in this together!


Annual Pre-Pay Option
Your Loft love can provide a membership discount! In January, we offer a certain number of pre-pay opportunities. Pay for your year’s membership in cash or check, and receive a 10% discount. Contact info@crossfitloft.com if you are interested. 

Price increase, Effective January 1
If you are a fine-print reader, you already know that Loft increases yearly membership fees to keep up with inflation/costs. Here is a breakdown for 2020: 

Unlimited membership $213 plus tax
HIIT $167 plus tax
Basic $192 plus tax
Military/Law/Fire $192
Middle Schooler Class $162 plus tax
Punchcard $240 plus tax
Childcare $72 for 10 visits

Pre-Order NEW Loft-Wear Deadline January 5
Hoodies, t-shirts, and tanks… Oh, my! Kick off your 2020 with even more ways to outfit yourself in Loft clothing! Take advantage of our new designs by filling out your preorder


January 15, 6 p.m. – Supreme Happy Hour 
Come to another all-gym happy hour at Supreme Pizza. Eat, drink, and visit your friends from those other Loft times without having to do a mash-up or Saturday hero WOD (though you might encourage them to join!). 

January 16 & 25; Thursday, 7-9 p.m. and Saturday, 3-5 p.m., Team Training continues 
Planning your first team or individual competition? Team training is for you! You’ll get support for whatever upcoming event you’re participating in, or amp your skills to prepare for future events. Sign up in Wodify.

January 26, 4:30 p.m. The Complete Athlete Series – The Fueled Athlete 
Whether or not you ate All. The. Things. during the holidays, the next installment of this series will give you strategies for pre/post workout nutrition and figuring out your macros.


February 23 – The Body Spec Truck Rolls Back In! 
Those scale numbers don’t tell you what’s going on “under the hood,” but Body Spec can! BodySpec is a body composition scan that can give you insanely detailed information about your fat mass, fat-free mass, BMR, and a whole bunch of other data to support your goals. Loft invites the BodySpec truck to pull up several times per year. The scan and consult takes about 20 minutes, and costs $45. Sign-up here, and if you have questions, post or e-mail info@crossfitloft.com. Many Lofters have used this technology and would be happy to share experiences. 

February Date TBD: Roller Rink Social! 
Remember Roll Bounce or Xanadu? Can you do a pistol on skates? Time to relive the glory days or just jam to some funky beats with your Loft friends and their families. We’ll gather at our favorite neighborhood rink, Southgate, in White Center. Date forthcoming. 

March 14 – Anniversary Party!
Although we have a little party in our minds every time we visit Loft, once a year we come together to celebrate Loft’s existence in grand style. Watch for details! 

Competition Corner 
Here’s where we share your cross-over fitness accomplishments—whether you’ve participated, placed … whatever. Here’s what one of our fellow gym-goers has been doing:  

Mallory Berger is competing in the CrossFit Fort Vancouver Championship on January 11 & 12. 
Heather Gebhardt & Michael Caliboso and Isaac Mostov & Randi Lindstrom will represent at the Chateau Winter Showdown on January 18. 

If you’re looking for your first competition, check out The Festivus Games scheduled in April! Many Lofters have participated in Festivus, which is truly for “the rest of us” (no firebreathers or elite athletes allowed) and occurs twice a year in partner or individual configuration. WODs are already released for their April 20 comp. Candice Duclos and Margo Drake are signed up for the Puyallup location, and a number of Lofters have also attended at CrossFit Skagit. Post on Facebook if you want to collaborate on this one! 

You can find us regularly on INSTAGRAM, in our PRIVATE Facebook Group.

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