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Hi Loft!

Alot of you are quarantined, WFH, actively social distancing, home with family schooling your kids, and trying to still figure out how to keep some sort of fitness norm. Read on for all the details so that you can Loft From Home! As of this evening, gyms in WA state are mandated closed until March 31st at earliest. 

So, lets do this! The Loft Team is publishing workouts that can happen in your home, yard or nearby park. These will be published Monday through Friday (and possibly Saturday/Sunday by demand) using primarily bodyweight exercises and items you will be able to source around your home. We hope this is a value add for our members and it is our goal to keep you as engaged in fitness and our community as possible while we all navigate this time. Stay tuned for track work, park WODs, Zoom meetups, and other outdoor workouts that meet social distancing criteria. 

Show up tomorrow 5am-6pm while we will checkout small equipment items from Loft so you all have more options at home.  

Workout details, scoring entry and leaderboard are all available in WODIFY under the “HomeWODs” program. Additional daily videos with workout explanation, intentions, customization and modification suggestions will be available on the just launched @loftfromhome Instagram page. 


  • Login to your WODIFY app and access daily (Mon-Fri) programming under the HomeWODs program with your active Loft membership
  • Log yourself into the daily “class” and enter your score (or smiley face!) by selecting “Add Results” in the menu and signing into
  • Check out the other people you did the WOD with by looking at the WODIFY leaderboard and toggling to the “HomeWODs” program

Maximize your experience:

  • Follow us on Instagram @loftfromhome
  • Check our daily story and feed for different coaching takes, cues and ideas for modifying and customizing
  • Interact and receive insta coaching by DMing us via IG
  • Tag #loftfromhome and @loftfromhome so we can see what you’re up to!
  • Comment on the daily WOD video with anything that you’d like to share: Fun mods, ideas, score etc.

Not on Instagram? Join! @loftfromhome is where we can help give you all the support possible. Our intention is to give you a space that helps keep Loft close to home while you’re stuck at home.

Sunday, March 15th


Sunday Mashup
3 Rounds:
25 Double DB Thrusters (35/20#)
25 Tuck-ups

Rest 5 minutes

3 Rounds:
25 Double DB C&J
25 Double DB Lunges

Rest 5 minutes

3 Rounds:
25 Double DB Snatches
25 Double DB Glute Bridge Floor Press


4 Rounds
5 Cal AB
10 DB Incline Bench Press
10 Curtsey Lunge w/KB
20 V-ups
10 OH Squat
10 DB Rows
5 Cal AB
1-min Rest

LOFT COVID-19 Update

Hi Loft Community!

In the wake of the governor’s announcement today, we’d like to communicate with you where we stand at Loft and what measures we’re taking and answer some questions we’ve received. The governor has prohibited gatherings of larger than 250 and the King County Health Officer has asked that the following measures are enforced for smaller gatherings: older and vulnerable individuals are encouraged not to attend, social distancing is recommended and close contact is limited, employees or volunteers are screened for symptoms each day, proper handwashing and sanitation is readily available, and high touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected more frequently. 

We will be remaining open and adhering to these suggestions very closely. We don’t take the decision to stay open lightly. We understand that working out and interacting with the Loft community is a huge part of both physical and mental health for many of our members. We also don’t want to worsen an already serious situation. We respect your right to decide for yourself and will continue to make the resources at Loft available for as long as feasible. This is of course a rapidly developing situation, and we will adjust and communicate with you as we go.

Anyone who is in a high-risk group or in contact with a high-risk group is encouraged to stay home. Even the best measures cannot guarantee that contact with the coronavirus is not a possibility at Loft. We ask everyone to refrain from high fives and fist bumps and opt for elbow bumps or shoe taps to say “good work” and maintain our community atmosphere. If you prefer to distance yourself physically in the gym, you may move your workout to a different space. Members choosing to work out upstairs should bring a buddy for safety reasons (and please don’t drop weights up there!). 

We ask that anyone with a cough and fever stay home. Coaches are being encouraged to get coverage for even marginal symptoms. If we observe any suspect symptoms at Loft, we will ask the person to leave. We will continue our enhanced cleaning protocols for the duration of the outbreak. Some of these efforts may make the gym appear more cluttered in an effort to maximize disinfection by allowing equipment to air dry. We appreciate your patience. 

Despite our general policy to follow the Seattle Public Schools schedule, we are choosing to continue with our kids classes for many of the same reasons we are making the decision to stay open at this time. Being quarantined with no physical outlet is stressful at any age, but especially for children. Our kids classes will be rescheduled beginning Monday, March 16 to limit contact between kids classes and adult classes and to allow for better cleaning in between. Our kids classes will be moved from Monday/Wednesday 3:15-3:45 to Monday/Wednesday 2:15-2:45pm. Our youth functional fitness classes, previously held at 4 and 5pm, will be moved to 3pm only Monday-Thursday.

Beginning tomorrow, March 12, a class option called “Home WODs” will be available in Wodify. These will be minimal equipment workouts available for anyone choosing to quarantine. We encourage members to post scores and comments on the community page. We all need human interaction – even at a distance!

Membership holds will be available to anyone for any reason during this time, and they will not count against the one-month hold limit. As a small business, we do greatly appreciate the support of anyone able to continue to give it. Thank you all for the communication and feedback as we work through this together.

All the best,
Loft Staff