Member Spotlight: Sharon Cupp

Sharon could very well be the hardest working person in the gym.  Not only is she extremely dedicated, she also approaches her gym experience with a great attitude – both toward her workouts and also to her close knit 6 am buddies.  She is such a pleasure to coach and workout alongside – and she can deadlift the house!!! – Anniesharon picture

When did you start CrossFit and how were you introduced?
April 2013 with the original 6 am team — Niles, Graham, Kate, and Hilary — here at the LOFT. My spinning coach (Eli) had been on me for years to build strength to improve my biking and overall well being, and she knew I would dig the CrossFit culture. Brandon and Bethany’s introduction to the LOFT had me hooked.

What was your fitness background before starting CrossFit?
I was a super active kid (stingray bikes in the backyard orchard, backpacking in the Sierras, and hunting trips with my Dad). I became a competitive whitewater racer in my early 20s and continued  doing challenging rivers until I had a mortgage. I have always been into biking, having grown up in the birthplace of Mountain Biking — Annadell State Park in Sonoma County. I am a dedicated road cyclist (fair weather) and cross county skier (winter months). Being active is a must do, everyday!

What were your thoughts during your first month of training?
This is complicated! There was a lot to learn — the lifts, how to de-code the WOD, remembering everyone’s first name, what valuable notes to keep in my CF journal. I took it slow at first — only two times a week for the first few months.

Which movements do you find the most challenging? Which movements/workouts do you like the most?
SNATCHES and JERKS, those Olympic lifts are hard for me. I know I am a lifelong learner, so I am patient with my speed of learning. The good news is that the LOFT coaches are patient with me too. I am getting better at burpees, thanks to the 100 burpee WOD. I love doing dead lifting, push press and bench press (Hint, Hint to Andrew).

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, or level of fitness?
I have lost body fat and gained stronger muscles — I am leaner. I am so much stronger — Eli was right! My biking and skiing have improved significantly. Our summer backpack trips have me wanting to hike further and steeper routes. I have wonderful new friends, thanks to the LOFT community. Overall, I am happier person because of CrossFit.

Any advice for people starting CrossFit for the first time?
Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the journey to learn the terms, the moves, and see yourself in a new light. In time, you will be able to do “things” you thought were impossible. When you are ready, set goals so you can see the improvements.

What are some of your goals for 2015?
I love having goals, thanks for asking. Having Brandon tell me that my snatch is looking better would be a big win. Riding a couple 100 mile road bike rides without calf cramps. Securing a great new job.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the gym?
Cooking really good food at home. I love the planning process, shopping and then pulling it all together in the kitchen. Served with really great Washington or California red wine is the topper. I even like cleaning up.

Favorite cheat meal? Favorite healthy food? 
French fries with an ice cold IPA. I love veggies — eggplants, leafy greens, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus — in all different preparations.

Tell us something that we don’t know about you.
I have a shoe fetish. I love shoes; I love looking at other people’s shoes. Sometimes I dream about shoes. I should mention that they must be practical shoes — for CrossFit, biking, running, skiing, or cruising at the beach. No fancy girlie shoes for me.

Is there any CrossFit memory that stands out to you the most?
My first Whole Life Challenge fitness post-test back in Fall 2013. I had been committed to the WLC structure for eight weeks, reached a high total score and had seen the improvements along the way, so I had high expectations that my fitness test will yield a better number on testing day. SCORE! I had a 15% improvement. I was jazzed, beyond words. I have kept up with the 80/20 Paleo food plan thanks to the WLC getting me started and the LOFT community’s support.

If you could beat any Loft coach in a workout which one would it be? And what would the workout be? 
Annie Olson. It would be DIANE — dead lifts and seated dumb bell presses. Of course, I would be scaling the weights.

Do you have any nicknames and how did you get them? 
Tiger — given to me by a mentor that saw how driven of a person I am. Miss Autobahn — (my favorite) awarded to me by Eli (my spin coach) for my speed on a stationary bike.

Favorite place on earth to be?
Methow Valley. East of the Cascades — a valley filled with natural beauty, endless recreation and awesome people.

Who is your favorite neighbor, Matt, Chelsea, or Luna? 
That depends on the day. Chelsea when she is coaching; she has a special way of challenging me to step-it up. Matt for his easy going style and great smile. My relationship with Luna is still growing, she’s kinda shy towards me — I think she knows I am cat person.

What mobilization movement do you love? Which do you hate? 
Leg kicks. It’s a personal let-down when the coach forgets about them or has another idea. I would do without scorpions and mountain climbers.

What sport outside of CrossFit would you love to try even though it secretly scares you? 
Surfing. I want to know what it feels like to stand up on the long board, but I am scared that I want be able to stand up when the wave is just right. So, I am working on my jumps and burpee speed to prepare for my surfing debut on a warm beach. Being scared is actually a motivating step in my process. I know I will get there.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be? 
Option 1 response:

YOGI THE BEAR. I would live in the forest, have lots of friends and visitors that would listen to my stories, roam along meandering rivers looking for dinner, and take long winter naps.

Option 2 response:

I had to do some serious internet research for this question to explore the many choices. My choice would be SONGBIRD. She is a creature created in 1979, a member of the Thunderbolts. She is a wrestler and adventurer. She is powerful, intelligent, durable, and strong (I like those attributes). Her strength level is 8800# (If I keep coming to CrossFit I might get closer to that level myself).