CrossFit Teens

Does your high school athlete want help getting stronger and faster in the off-season? Does your computer gamer want to develop athletic skills in a supportive community? Does your teen crave another outlet for body and mind? In this coached program, kids develop their athletic ability, strength and coordination while working through challenges in a fun, supportive environment.

Classes include instruction as well as supervised workouts that are different every day. (No boredom!) We emphasize safe, functional movement skills – like learning how to support the lower back – that will help your teen in sport and in daily life. Youths are coached according to their own ability. This way, everyone is working individually at their own pace, but they’ll also feel like they’re part of a team, no matter their fitness level.

Your teen will learn how to properly use athletic equipment and how to follow coaching cues. Depending on the abilities of the class, we’ll practice lifting weights – with every lift supervised.

Class Times

First class free!

Monday–Thursday, 5-6 PM
Cost: $162/month +tax

20% off consecutive household memberships.

For more information about CrossFit Teens please email