Competition / L3 Group

CrossFit Loft fosters an integrative group of competitive athletes. We believe in supporting a well rounded community – our competition group is an active part of our gym. If you have been active in CrossFit for a while now and looking to expand your skills and take your fitness to the next level, this group might be for you. This group is is offered at no additional cost to unlimited members that meet criteria.

Our competition team emerged from a 3x participants at the Affiliate Cup in the CrossFit Games, which received 11th place in the world in 2013.  The Loft has participated in Regionals 2014-2016 and has a goal to qualify a team again for the Affiliate Cup.

The competition programming is intended for athletes intending to compete at all levels, whether the CrossFit Games or a local throwdown.  The purpose of the program is to provide additional endurance, gymnastics, strength, core, and accessory work to cater to the developing athlete.

We pride ourselves in how we integrate our competitive programming with our general programming, providing a cohesive, friendly learning environment for all members of the Loft.

Prerequisites to join the group include at least one month previous membership at the Loft and the ability to perform a variety of gymnastics and strength-based movements.

Our competitive programming has had great success with our competitive athletes, and we are excited to share this with you.  For further information on the details of this program or how to get started with our competition team, please email us.


Please contact us for details!